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In the past few years "drone" has become a household word, synonymous with stealth killing. This is due, for the most part, to daily news coverage of the activities of unmanned aircraft used in the fight against terrorism.

But now, drones, also known as UAVsUAVsUnmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) may be referred to by other names: sUAVs (Small UAVs), Quadcopters, or UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems)., have come to American skies. These are the less deadly variety, being used as teaching and humanitarian devices as opposed to killing machines. They can be found doing their part in search and rescue, real estate photography, or even counting the cattle on ranches.

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Manufacturers have also devised ways, with the help of miniaturization, to offer smaller drones to hobbyists. UAVs may now be included in the recreational inventory in homes throughout the United States. If you have the disposable income, you too can join a growing number of aerial robotic enthusiasts.

This website is for anyone that has an interest in UAVs and drones. We offer sections on the latest news from industry and research sources, vendor contact information, and a member area where you can sign up for a weekly newsletter.

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